BID Expansion

Dominion Rd BID Expansion to Balmoral successful

The Dominion Rd Business Association ihas been successful in expanding its BID boundary to include Balmoral businesses and property owners.

The Dominion Rd Business Association is delighted to report that we have been successful in our efforts to expand our Business Improvement District boundary to include all businesses from Balmoral Road to Landscape Road.

Of the 198 voting documents issued, 55 voted, being 27.78%.

Of these, the majority supported the expansion of the Dominion Road Business Improvement District (BID) programme:
• 29 voted YES (63.64%) and
• 20 voted NO (36.36%).


The Business Improvement District (BID) programme is a public-private agreement between Auckland Council and Business Associations that have committed to develop a local business environment.

Currently, 50 Business Improvement District programmes operate across the Auckland region, representing over 25,000 businesses.  The Dominion Rd BID was established more than a decade ago, however the businesses in the Balmoral Road south area were not included in the current BID boundary so are missing out on the benefits of being part of a BID programme. The Dominion Rd BID is dedicated solely to making it easier, safer and more profitable to run a business in our local area.

Following a successful expansion, our total representation would increase to approximately 330 businesses and 200 property owners. Under the programme, businesses vote collectively to invest in improvements to enhance their local business environment.

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This can include activities such as promotion and marketing of the area, business to business networking opportunities and business support, security and crime prevention, and advocacy to Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations (CCO’s) such as Auckland Transport.

This BID programme would be managed by the Dominion Road Business Association Inc and in partnership with the Balmoral Chinese Business Associaiton Inc.

What is the targeted rate:

The targeted rate to be collected over the whole of the proposed BID area will be $255,000. Each commercial property will be levied at a small rate in the dollar in the vicinity of 0.00053121 applied against the capital value of the property. The final amount will depend on the Council rate strike on 1 July and the rates apportionment within particular properties.

The targeted rate can only be used to fund services and activities for businesses in the Dominion Road BID area.

How to cast your vote:

All property owners, business owners and tenants operating within the proposed expanded BID area are eligible to vote. You may vote either online or by returning your paper in the mail. The ballot voting period closes midday Wednesday 31st March 2021. This ballot is conducted by Independent Election Services Ltd on behalf of the Dominion Rd Business Associations. The ballot results will be announced on 1 April 2021.

We are happy to meet one on one with anyone who would like more information about this proposed BID programme.

What will my money be spent on?

 Expenditure pie chart

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