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A Purple Flag Place

Dominion Road is on a journey to become the most vibrant night-time destination in Auckland.

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We have joined the international Purple Flag Accreditation program to make Dominion Road as safe and attractive as possible.

Together, with similar Pyne being undertaken in countries like Australia, Sweden, and the UK, we are working to make Dominion Road A Purple Flag place.

Already we achieved the first NZ accreditation for Purple Flag status in 2021 and had that achieved confirmed in 2023.

The Purple Flag approach brings together groups and organisations from the public, private and not-for-profit sector to work together with the aim of attracting a great number of visitors into Dominion Road at night and to reduce any negative perceptions.

Purple Flag is a prestigious town and city centre award. One of the approaches most significant achievements is that it acts as a catalyst to enhance partnership work around managing the nighttime economy.

  • Dominion Roads Purple Flag programme involves:
  • Dominion Road Business Association
  • Dominion Road Chinese Business Association
  • Eden Park
  • Albert Eden Local Board
  • Balmoral Placemaking Coordinator (Auckland Council)
  • Hospitality New Zealand
  • Community groups such as Balmoral Baptist Church & Eden Park Residents association

We welcome contact from local groups interested in being involved with Dominion Road Purple Flag.

Purple Flag operating hours: Monday to Sunday 5pm to 5am

Further information - Please reach out to

  • Gary Holmes, Manager Dominion Road Business Association Phone 02174 9662834 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Dominion Road Purple Flag Programme would like to acknowledge the support of Albert Eden Local Board towards this initiative.


Purple Flag Programme

The Purple Flag Programme is offered by the Association of Town and City Management UK.

The Purple Flag criteria

  • Wellbeing: successful destinations are all safe and welcoming with everyone playing their part in delivering high standards of customer care.
  • Movement: getting home safely after an evening out is important, as is the ability to move around the area with ease.
  • Appeal: successful destinations offer a vibrant choice of leisure and entertainment for a diversity of ages, groups, lifestyles, and cultures.
  • Place: successful areas are alive during the day, as well as in the evening. They contain a blend of overlapping activities that encourage people to mingle and enjoy the place.

The Benefits of the Purple Flag approach

  • Strong partnerships and coordinated actions
  • A raised profile for the Dominion Road area and improved public image. It creates positive perceptions.
  • Wider patronage
  • Increased spend in the area & increased footfall.
  • Lower crime and anti-social behaviour
  • A more successful mixed-use economy
  • Helps with regeneration and development


Purple Flag Programme

 The map identifies the focus areas for the nighttime economy that Dominion Road Purple Flag program is focused on.

These include Eden Park, Eden Valley, Potters Park, Balmoral and Dominion Road.  Click here to view the map.


What’s happening:

  • Communications
  • Activities
  • Reporting
  • Purple Flag Programme 2023/2024

(Link in here Gary to business plan after discussion with Jon etc) PDF


Purple Flag Assessments

Initial Application and Assessment (2021)

Interim Renewal (Feb 2022)

Renewal Application and Assessment (2023)

Interim Renewal (Feb 2024)


Crime & Health Prevention 

  • Auckland Council perception of safety nighttime /daytime figures
  • NZ Police dishonesty and offending statistics
  • Te Whata Ora (Health NZ) Statistics




Media enquiries welcomed