Dominion Rd welcomes Light Rail announcement

Dominion Road businesses have welcomed today’s announcement for tunnelled light rail between the city centre and Mt Roskill, a decision that finally provides some certainty for business owners that they won’t be facing years of disruption that surface light rail would have caused.

Dominion Road Business Association Manager, Gary Holmes, says: “While the association had pushed for trackless trams as a proposed solution should an overground route be chosen, the tunnelled option was an acceptable alternative as the impacts of streets being ripped up and access to businesses limited during construction are largely avoided.

“Dominion Rd businesses welcomes the selection of tunnelled light rail. The real impacts of the City Rail Link have weighed heavily on the minds of our businesses who understandably fear they would not survive the disruption during what would be a multi-year construction period if Light Rail at street level was the chosen mode” he added.

LR Eden Valley

“This decision, at last, gives certainty to business and property owners after multiple false starts and dashed promises about the future form of mass transit along Auckland’s iconic route, and means that developments and improvements to the business area can be planned with confidence.”

Mr Holmes adds that the association was open to ongoing discussions with the government about the potential for the underground route to include a station adjacent or close to Dominion Rd, as it does make sense for the route to include the opportunity to take advantage of the growing commercial hub at either the Eden Valley or Balmoral town centres.

Mr Holmes also acknowledged the commitment from Minister Wood to including business compensation into the project at the front end:“This is a sensible and pragmatic move that would address the economic impact likely to be felt by at least some businesses along the route, particularly where the stations are built.  The Dominion Rd Business Association would be happy to be part of ongoing discussions as this compensation model is developed.